Connect, Educate & Sell through Video

As a business owner, you likely think about getting the most from your marketing dollar. Whether your goal is to attract customers to shop at your online store or hire you for your particular service, video is an efficient at presenting the message. If your Myrtle Beach small business is not using video marketing as part of its overall strategy, you’re certainly missing out on a marketing method that has proven results. Regardless of your product or service, video marketing allows you to reach a large audience with the small investment.

Times are changing. It’s projected that by 2019 more than 80% of all small business website traffic will come from some form of video marketing. And already, video marketing is also proving to be an excellent strategy for connecting, educating, and selling your particular product or service. It’s also a perfect way to market your brand. Videos build trust and are a great way to take your customer testimonials, how-to videos, products or service explanation and use them to build a strong marketing campaign. Think about it, nobody likes to read paragraphs upon paragraph of black text on white backgrounds. Capturing attention is key & videos do just that. 

SEO Benefits of Video Marketing

Videos are well known for increasing search engine ranking and converting website visitors into paying customers. First, you need to reach your target audience. YouTube is one of the most visited and most frequently used website, next to Google. Did you know YouTube is actually owned by Google? What that equates to is that a video, properly titled and tagged can do wonders for your SEO. Let us show you how. 

Social Media Video Marketing

Facebook has become an increasingly important platform for your business’ online videos. With the sheer amount of people using Facebook daily, coupled with built-in video features for both uploads and live-streaming, as well as advertising options in narrowing interests, demographics & geographics, it would be silly not to be using this platform for your videos. 

Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

Creating a video marketing campaign typically starts by conducting market & industry research, analyzing your competition and gathering insights and information on your target market and target audience. Once you’ve collected this information you can begin to form your strategy and ideas and determine the message you want to give. Now that you know that your target audience, what do you want them to hear, see & feel? What is the message and when they see the message, what do you want them to do? Click a button? Call your office? Fill out a form? Call Zeus Digital, we can help bring your vision to life.    Let’s Chat! Send Us An Email.