PPC Ad Campaigns & Management

Quickly get a bunch of new customers without breaking the bank.

Zeus Digital offers effective, result-driven ppc (pay-per-click) management for PPC ad campaigns, so you can quickly new website visitors, new leads, and new customers. Easily get your small business directly in front of the people who are searching for the services you offer. 

PPC? What the heck is that?

Pee-Pee-See what? Whether you’ve heard a little about PPC ads & marketing and want to know more about what it is, or perhaps you already know and just want to leverage Google, Bing, Facebook & others correctly to market your Myrtle Beach business, you’ve come to the right place!

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of digital/internet marketing in which advertisers (you, for example) pay a small fee (to Google, for example) each time their ad is clicked on. It’s basically a method of “buying” visits to your website instead of earning visits through SEO, Google visits, other website marketing, and so on. PPC allows advertisers to bid for advertisement placement in a search engine’s or or social media’s sponsored links, so when a prospective customer searches a keyword that is related to their business’ service, they see the ad. For social media, such as Facebook, it’s generally all handled through internet activity, targeted ads, and browser cookies. 


Grow Your Business with PPC Management

Simply throwing money at a range of related keywords won’t work. To get the most out of a Pay Per Click Advertisement campaign, it needs to be maintained by an experienced individual who can continually update, test the ad, monitor its activity and make adjustments. That is if you’re looking to get the most out of your PPC investment. 

We’re dedicated to helping businesses grow their revenue through result-driven website marketing programs that make you smile.

And smiling is a very good thing. ☺ 

PPC Ad Campaigns are ideal for businesses that want fast results for their marketing dollar. Even large retail stores use pay per click ads when they want to promote a new sale, specific product or service during a certain period. An example of this would be a large vendor running a PPC ad for snowboots during a blizzard. The entire goal of SEO is to put your website in the #1 position when using commonly searched terms. PPC does the very same thing, but accomplishes this much more quickly.

Contact Zeus Digital to learn how are Pay Per Click Management services can help you attract more prospective clients, grow your online or in-store sales, and get your information, including your brand and services in front of more people, faster! 

Ideal for New Businesses

There are basically 2 ways to launch your business: Slow or fast. Your website, using standard SEO methods, can take in upwards of 2-5 months to land up top on the 1st page of Google. Sometimes longer, depending on competition. Pay Per Click advertisement campaigns offer a great solution to new businesses or new website launches who want to accelerate business growth on and off the web. So if you’re just getting started and don’t have the luxury of waiting for the timeframe that an effective SEO campaign requires, PPC Marketing is for you.