Online Reputation Management (ORM)

What is ORM? Basically, online reputation management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone Googles your name or your business. Today we live in a world of digital media consumption and one negative article, one negative news story, or bad customer reviews can severely hurt your entire business or personal reputation. Unfortunately, we often see these types of content surface to the top of the search engines, like Google, and completely wipe out a business growth or individual’s reputation. The Internet moves at a fast pace, but it’s also incredibly slow to forget. Negative news stories or even a drunken photo from 10 years ago may still show up on your first page of Google results if the search engine thinks they’re important. 

Reputation Management for Business

Almost 95% of customers Google and research online before making a certain purchase. Once they’ve honed in on a certain product, or business, or… the owner or CEO of a company for example, they will search for that specific name. When they do, you better hope that there’s no dirt on that specific name, otherwise forget it and consider that lead, or that customer, or that business deal to be lost, lost forever.

You don’t have to be a mathematician to follow this simply equation: a better reputation = more customers = more sales. Maintaining a strong brand isn’t just about pride, it’s an effective way to make your business more profitable. 

Reputation Management for People

You have a brand. It’s your reputation, your legacy. And it’s the value you bring to every meeting, every client encounter, and every interview or presentation. And though it holds true that there are specific times when your online reputation really matters, maintaining a positive online reputation should be a constant effort, because the the need for it could pop up at any time. Many people, from CEO’s to students underestimate the harmful effect that poor online reputation has on their business, social or personal lives. We’ve seen it first hand from some of our clients. We will develop a custom strategy for your personal brand reputation and remove or suppress any unwanted links from your online search engine results while creating a positive online image. 

How Can We Help Your Online Reputation?

Ultimately you need a proactive and sometimes aggressive solution for cleansing, and controlling your online reputation. We start off by having the client map out their goals for either the personal or business reputation. We then analyze your search engine results and provide you with a content strategy. We utilize social media, custom built websites and article postings to dominate the first several pages of the search engines, all the while pushing down, over a period of time, negative search content. Basically, we strategically publish content to the internet to maximize impact on your search results. These techniques are just a few that facilitate our ability to shape search engine results. We also provide you with frequent reporting that summarizes the progress on your account. 

How Much Does it Cost?

While negative search engine results hurt people and businesses in a similiar fashion, everyone’s online reputation is different and therefore requires a custom strategy. With Online Reputation Management (ORM), one size does not fit all.

Also, 1 year long contracts are common and very standard in the reputation management industry. However, everything we do is generally offered at a 1 time fee but sometimes requires a small maintenance fee. It all depends on your situation. Our maintenance fees are month to month and you are completely free to cancel at any time. You’ll know upfront what the cost will be. There will never be any hidden costs. If you’re curious about what your exact price would be, or whether or not we can help you in your specific situation, simply fill out the form below and we’ll quickly contact you with a quote. Your information is always held stritly confidential and only seen by us. 

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