Email Marketing

Grow your business through the Power of Automation.

New marketing techniques are constantly being introduced into the world of website marketing and many have the misconception that email is too old, too traditional and simply not effective. That idea couldn’t be farther from the truth. Email Marketing is still very relevant and making a huge impact in both lead generation and customer relationships. Email Marketing continues to offer the best ROI due to it’s affordability and the ability to target who you want to send your marketing messages to. And you already know how important it is to keep your current and potential clients updated on your particular deals, specials, company news, etc..

For every $1 spent, there is an average of a $44 return on your email marketing investments”

Email Marketing averages a 440% ROI. Yes, you heard that right. When done correctly, email marketing yields amazing returns for it’s low investment. Great part is – it’s continuing to rise each year. An email marketing platform is exactly the right tool to facilitate this and to establish long lasting relationships with your target audience, relationships that are profitable.  Do you know your Target Audience profile? With the right techniques and a solid platform your personalized and targeted email marketing campaign creates brand awareness & higher conversion rates of the tire kickers; converting them into paying customers. Whether you’re looking to sell more products, highlight your services, or share news, our email marketing services provide easy to use email templates to create email campaigns that best suit your company’s particular message. 

We Create Well-Branded Marketing Experiences

Our email marketing services are, like all of our products and services, designed to create well-branded digital experiences, for your customers and potential customers, that increase your leads, increase customer engagement and increase your revenue. With our email marketing and automation service we deliver this by: 

Analysis & Strategy

We can develop a tailor-made strategy for your email marketing campaign so that your business will attract the right people – your target audience.

Content & Design

Successful email marketing campaigns all start with a customizable & professional email template, coupled with engaging, concise content.

Testing & Delivery

We’ll test the waters with deliverability, comparative, and comparability testing. Then we’ll send your emails right away or schedule them for the future.


Using comprehensive tools, we can track clicks, email bounce backs, spam notifications, email reads, and the traffic to your website or landing page.

Build your Brand. Sell More Stuff

Zeus Digital offers Email Marketing for businesses who want to manage their own campaigns or businesses who want us to fully manage it for them. We have numerous plans available to suit your needs and budget. Our Email Marketing is aimed towards growing your small business not just in revenue directly, but customer loyalty & brand awareness too.

Our niche is local small business marketing, and can provide well-thought out email campaigns for your brand that is sure to impress your current & potential clients. We can provide an array of email solutions, from research and market analysis, to testing your emails, providing target audience profiles, fully manage your campaign, email template design, to tracking and reporting. 

Benefits of Email Marketing

Despite being one of the oldest online marketing strategies, email is still as popular as ever. The following are benefits of email marketing that we maximize by creating engaging, comprehensive campaigns wrapped around professional email templates with content that will capture your target audience!

  • Most cost-effective Customer Relation Mgmt
  • Tailor-made to suit your customer’s needs
  • Results in strong customer loyalty
  • Builds relationships with target audience
  • Creates brand awareness & trust
  • Establishes credibility & creates rapport
  • Helps nurture customer relationships
  • Boosts lead generation
  • Increases social interaction
  • Increases conversion rates

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