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Are customers able to find your website?

Your website has no value if your clients cannot find you. Search engine optimization is all about the search engines, mainly Google, showing your site some love. They love you by listing you on the first page when your prospective customers type in a keyword that’s relevant to your products and services.

For example, Billy Bo Bob needs a mechanic because he tried to fix the brakes himself, but in doing so, inadvertenly ran his vehicle off the side of the road and into a small pond, killing 2 baby ducks and a small turtle. Billy goes on Google, because no one uses phone books anymore, and types in “Myrtle Beach Car Mechanic”. The goal of your website, if you’re a car mechanic, is to be as high as possible on the 1st page of Google so that Billy goes to your website and calls you.

What Exactly is it & How’s it Done?

The first is simple, the latter not so much. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process of optimizing (make the best of) your website’s code for the search engines so that your site ranks higher for a specific term/phrase. Much has changed with SEO in the past few years, as it always does, and goes beyond just tweaking title tags and meta tags and link structure. And well beyond just adding “keywords”. That’s so 2009. Search Engine Optimization in 2017 is all about content & crawl budget. We also use link building, backlinks, social media and wide array of other techniques to bump your site as high as possible.

The main issue we run into with clients is the misconception that ranking well on Google searches is an overnight process and/or a one-time project. SEO, meaning legitimate SEO, is on-going and requires maintenance. It has to be. The moment a website is left alone, not continually updated or optimized, or forming to new Google standards, the website will drop in rankings. Google is constantly crawling websites and the website need not go static. The goal is to show Google that your website is popular, dynamic and relevant. The content of your website, meaning the text, has to be unique and written in such a way that Googlebot’s can understand it. The website has to be Google-friendly.







Tailor Made Website Marketing

On top of search engine optimization, Zeus Digital offers a wife array of digital marketing, website marketing and branding services to increase awareness and engagement for both your website and, if applicable, your brick and mortar store. When coupled together, whoah! You just might need to hire a 2nd or 3rd receptionist. Here are a few popular marketing services that we tailor make for your unique brand in your particular industry.



The rewards of a Google-friendly website are endless.

SEO      Traffic      Leads      Sales      Revenue

Reaping the rewards of being on the 1st page of Google is exciting. We’ve helped many clients throughout Myrtle Beach grow their business, and almost solely through SEO. Our niche is local SEO marketing for Myrtle Beach businesses to your target audience. Making a prospective customer aware of your services is great, but making them engage you as a company is what pays the bills.

SEO website marketing


SEO Friendly Web Design

When we build your website, it’s built search engine friendly. Which means we provide basic SEO, including a user-friendly web design and error free content and links. Link structure and loading speeds are also taken into account while designing your website. In building your SEO friendly website, your website may or may not rank on the first page of Google. It all depends on the competition and what other local companies are, or are not, doing.

Getting a website designed that is SEO friendly and having a website that is under an SEO maintenance plan are two different things. After your SEO Friendly Website is built and launched we will evaluate it in a few weeks and provide you with additional SEO options that are tailored your website’s needs.

” My website keeps me in business… “

“My website for Marksmanship Trainer LLC was designed by Jeff at Zeus Digital. I couldn’t be happier with the website and the service he provides. I’m not a real tech dude, so Zeus Digital has worked with me over the last 3 years to draw new clients and keep existing clients in the loop. I always recommend their services when the topic of website design comes up in conversation. More than 85% of my new clients tour my website before calling to book a class. So the reality is my website keeps me in business. Thanks again Zeus Digital!”

Richie ElliottMarksmanship Trainer, LLC.



SEO Packages & Costs

Zeus Digital is committed to giving your business the most affordable SEO packages and the most effective service that will help your website get to the top of search engines. We offer several SEO packages designed for every business situation. Unfortunately, there is no price sheet or set price for on-going search engine optimization. I would be skeptical for SEO firms that do. Each business is unique, and so is it’s respective online competition and current online footprint. There are many factors that change the price for achieving and maintaining 1st page results.

Simply give us a call, or shoot us an email, and we’ll evaluate your industry, your website, your competition, and provide a detailed description of the steps we’ll take, timeframes and cost. We would like to be your Myrtle Beach SEO Web Design company of choice. Simply request a quote and one of our SEO team will contact you to discuss your needs & goals.


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