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How far your message goes out and reaches its intended audience depends on how far you can shout! At Zeus Digital we develop, create and manage blogs as part of our online marketing efforts to get your company’s message out to its intended audience.

In the last ten years blogging has gone from personal online diaries and journals of individuals to a powerful business tool that gives a business the opportunity to write about their products and services, often in a manner that is more transparent and personal, as if conversing with the customer directly.

Importance of a Business Blog

Today, blogs are the hottest growing medium of communication for businesses, and for an online marketer, blogs offer a powerful marketing platform. Not only do blogs enable marketers to gain a better understanding of their customers, but the content posted on blogs is much easier to find on search engines as well. Search engines love blogs because they love fresh content. Every time new content is posted on a blog, the blog site pings the search engines. This results in frequent search engine spider visits and hence much higher optimization and ranking.

For Businesses – it really is a very simple concept – You Have Your Lead on Hand. What Lead, you ask? Your readers! Your readers are your lead. We say that because you already have a loyal fan base that trust you and are willing to take and apply your suggestions, that is why they subscribed to your blogs. Each time you launch a new business or service, your blog can act as that medium to reach to your leads. And we can almost guarantee that if you have set yourself as a reputable person and have been active with your readers, at least 85% of your lead will turn into customers without a problem.

Blogs also gives your business life. If you go to a store and find two salesman – one is your friend and the other one a stranger. Who would you buy it from? Obviously your friend. The reason is simple – people like to buy products and services from people they know. If you regularly participate and interact with your readers, you will be able to develop a relationship with your readers. This gives your business life. When potential clients and customers deal with businesses they would like to know who is behind the product and or services they are buying from. If you are able to have a healthy relationship with your readers, it gives your business a face. When you promote your business, people know they are dealing with someone they know and might have been in touch personally via email and other forms of communication. This is a huge benefit.