Mobile Geofencing

Geofencing Mobile Advertising

Geofencing Mobile Advertising

Target your advertisements to mobile users, anywhere!

There is a huge growth in the amount of people shifting away from desktop computers and moving to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. As a brand, it’s time for you to focus your brand marketing to do that too, and with location targeting and geofencing mobile marketing technology it’s possible to reach your prospective customers, where they are. Mobile advertising is more personal form of advertising and it focuses solely on your target audience. When that is coupled with compelling ads and creative designs, you’ve got a recipe for a skyrocketing business. 

Mobile Ad Targeting

Small business owners have been looking for different ways to target their audience and the right select of people for years, and although successful target marketing strategies have been around for quite sometime, nothing puts your products & services in the face of consumer’s like location-based marketing, also known as geofencing, a type of technology used in many applications, where a specific action is triggered based on the person’s proximity to a certain physical location. It uses GPS or RFID’s (radio frequency identification) and defines boundaries in which you set. Geofencing requires no action or input from the user and has the ability to reach all smartphone-equipped consumers within the “fence boundary” you set. 

How Does Mobile Marketing Work?

Whether it’s a prospective customer who is in close proximity to your brick & mortar store, or perhaps an individual visiting a certain store or location that your target audience would visit, geofencing mobile advertising can automatically send a text message, alert or display an advertisement on their cell phone informing them of your products, services, specials, sales, etc. Advertisements can be displayed on social media sites, banner spaces in popular smartphone apps and a variety of websites. 

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Examples of Mobile Advertising

Scenario #1

Jim is an experienced carpet cleaner. Jim knows most of his clients have pets who piss on the carpet. Jim is smart & sets up a geofence ad for local pet stores like PetSmart™. Tim has a cat that peed on his carpet because his cat is an @$$. Tim goes to PetSmart™ for “no-no spray”. When Tim leaves PetSmart™ & later goes on Facebook to stalk his ex-wife, he sees Jim’s ad for carpet cleaning. Tim hires Jim. Jim & Tim are now both happy.

Scenario #2

Jim just recently opened a fancy burger joint downtown. Jim knows locals on their lunch break would be a good target, even though his bacon cheeseburger sucks. Tim is new to the area, on his lunch break, & he’s hungry. Tim is browsing his phone & sees an ad for Jim’s restaurant less than 2 blocks away. The ad shows a free milkshake coupon & Tim loves milkshakes. So Tim hits the “get directions” button. Jim and Tim are now both happy.

Scenario #3

Jim is a hairdresser & owns a salon. Jim is good at what he does, but another hairdresser across town, Tim, sucks at dressing hair but hogs all the local business since his Daddy sits on the county council. Tim’s customers goto Tim’s salon because they’re certain Tim’s Daddy ran all the other hairdressers out of town. Jim is smart & runs an ad at his competitor’s salon location. Jim is now cutting more hair. Jim is happy. Tim, not so much.

How Will Mobile Marketing Benefit Me?

With geofencing mobile ads and location targeting, businesses have a valuable tool for sending out relevant ads & promotions to users who are in their target audience, and while they’re at the point where they would be the most likely to bite the bait and become paying customers. The most basic form of geofencing marketing provides you the opportunity to set up a “fence” around a location that your potential clients are likely to visit frequently. So when that potential clients is at that location, their smartphone ID & GPS coordinates are captured and the ad is displayed on a myriad of websites or smartphone apps, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and countless others. Advertisements can be sent or displayed based on a schedule as well, getting quality exposure to quality prospects at the right time, and in the right location.

If you’re looking to drive foot traffic to your store or click traffic to your website immediately, and from quality prospects, geofencing mobile advertising is for you. Give Zeus Digital a call to learn more about our local mobile advertising & marketing services and discover the many ways it can benefit and enhance your marketing strategy and your business.

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